A denture is an appliance that can be removed to replace other missing teeth. Two broad categories of dentures are
available: partial denture and complete denture. Full dentures remove all the missing teeth, as the name suggests,
while partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth with a few remaining teeth in the oral cavity.

Partial Dentures

For many years, partial dentures have been used to replace groups of teeth or a few teeth scattered across the upper or lower jaw. There are a variety of partial dentures available depending upon the requirements of the individual patients. All partial dentures attach to remaining teeth and have a gum-colored portion meant to blend into the existing gum, with prosthetic teeth to replace missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures in manufacturing and appearance are similar to partial dentures. The only difference is that full dentures replace a full set of teeth, while partial dentures only replace a few teeth.
Say goodbye to the old ill-fitting removable dentures, which in the long run can cause more harm than good.

At D32 The Dental Centre, we use the highest quality available materials–always bearing in mind the sensitivities and health of our patients. The selection of teeth is the same as technology is constantly evolving. We are always striving to find the best natural-looking teeth in the long run.

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