Digital Guided Implant Dentistry

D igital Guided Implant Dentistry is the latest in implant dentistry innovation. Implant specialists can now visualize and plan the precise placement of dental implants in three dimensions using Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning and 3D imaging. It removes the guesswork involved and allows the dentists to define the best location for the successful placement of implants.

It also helps the dentists to build the temporary restorations before the surgery and to position the restorations on the day of the operation, thereby providing the patient with greater satisfaction and better appearance and comfort.

Digital Guided Implant Dentistry Process

1. CT scanning

Presurgical research involves a CT scan CBCT scan and 3D intra-oral scan imaging which provides important information on the quantity and quality of the available jaw bone. The implant treatment plan is prepared after a thorough evaluation of this 3D data.

2. Digital Implant Surgery

Cone-beam CT produces images in DICOM format, and DICOM files are read and reconstructed in two-dimensional or three-dimensional images by an implant planning software. This software enables the clinician to perform the virtual surgery with all the surgical principles in mind and therefore provides tremendous accuracy during the planning of the treatment.

3. Fabrication of Surgical Template

A surgical model is a tool containing information on surgical preparation. It is usually in the form of a dental tray or splint and worn during surgery by the patient.

This ensures that the actual placement of the implant follows exactly the placement practically done, thus maintaining the highest level of accuracy and accuracy during placement.

The professionals at D32 The Dental Centre are highly qualified and equipped with the latest technology to diagnose and treat gum disease at any stage. After thorough clinical evaluation assisted by X-ray examinations, gum (periodontal) disease diagnosis is established and treatment is made depending on the stage in which the disease is present.

Both, delayed loading and immediate loading implants from all major implant companies are available at the centre. All-on 4 or all-on 6 options are also available Avery competitive rates.

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