Wisdom Teeth Removal

w isdom teeth are the last teeth to mature and grow in your mouth or third molars. We come between the ages of
seventeen and twenty-five, a time of life called the “day of learning.”

When a tooth can not completely enter the mouth, it is said to be “impacted.” Ultimately, impacted teeth are unable to break through the gums due to lack of space. At least one wisdom tooth has been damaged by nine out of ten people.

If left in the mouth, impacted teeth of wisdom may damage or become infected with neighboring teeth. Because the mouth’s third molar area is hard to clean, it’s a site that invites the bacteria that leads to gum disease.

In addition, oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream from your mouth, contributing to potential systemic
infections and diseases affecting the heart, kidneys, and other organs.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

If they are stable and correctly spaced, wisdom teeth will support your oral health. Many people, however, don’t have
jaws that are large enough to accommodate the last set of molars.

This can cause wisdom teeth to become misaligned, partially erupted or affected with the rest of your teeth, potentially causing serious oral health problems.

Our facility at D32 The Dental Centre provides a safe and comfortable environment that uses modern monitoring
equipment and anesthesia-administered nurses who are professionally trained and experienced.

Upon extracting the teeth, the gum tissues are sealed to help stop bleeding. You will then be gently relocated to the
recovery room where you will remain under our guidance until you and your designated driver are ready to go home.

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